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Guided Meditation

guided-meditationMeditation can be one of the most effective ways of improving the communication between the conscious and unconscious levels of the mind. The unconscious determines many of our hopes, likes and dislikes and other personal characteristics. When we become still through meditation, we come to a much deeper understanding of ourselves and the level of awareness of the unconscious grows. Meditation allows us to look at what is going on in our minds as well as our bodies.

A regular practice of meditation benefits the mind by improving tranquility, patience, concentration and memory. It also has physical benefits including relief from insomnia, reduced blood pressure, improvement in posture, increased energy and calms the nervous system.

Guided meditations are part of every treatment. The guided meditations will vary depending on the specific aim. Patients are assisted in the meditational art where they experience peace and calm creating harmony between mind and body.

Join us every Monday evening to bring healing to our hearts as we connect with our true nature by using guided meditations.

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