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Spiritual Healing

Reiki – $111 hourly 

What is Reiki? 

Reiki is an ancient healing practice originating back 2,500 years ago. Reiki comes from the Japanese Kanji, or characters, meaning spiritual wisdom (Rei) and life force (ki). As a Reiki Master, I channel this universal life force energy for the purpose of bringing healing and balance to your mind, body, spiritual, and emotional bodies. The Reiki energy always knows where to go and where healing is needed. 

Many things can cause our systems to become out of balance, such as: stress, negative thoughts, illness, spiritual emptiness, repressed emotions, and trauma. Reiki energy helps to recharge the body and to break through any blockages in order to bring the body back into a state of balance and harmony. What you experience from a Reiki session varies from session to session depending on what the body needs. You may experience a session where you leave feeling very relaxed or you may experience a session where emotional pain is brought up for healing. Anything that happens in a session is happening for your highest and greatest growth and evolution. 

What has Reiki been shown to help with? 

-Promotes relaxation and relief from stress
-Helps with insomnia and promotes better sleep
-Restores balance in the mind, body, spiritual, and emotional bodies -Promotes balance and harmony
-Accelerates the body’s ability to heal
-Aids in healing from depression and anxiety 

-Aids in healing from trauma, abuse, and PTSD -Helps break the patterns of addiction
-Aids in healing inflammation and digestive issues -Strengthens the immune system 

-Eases chronic pain
-Lowers blood pressure
-Assists the body in cleansing toxins -Increases energy 


Spiritual Awakening Coaching Session – $88 hourly 

During these times of mass awakening on Earth it is important to get guidance and support. I bring my 10+ years of experience through my own Spiritual Awakening to share tips, tools, and techniques that I’ve learned that can help aid your own awakening journey. I can help you to understand how to use and utilize your own spiritual abilities, how to ground, clear, and connect, how to connect with your Spirit Guides, how to receive Spiritual guidance, Divination tools to use to deepen your own intuition, along with supporting you with any other questions or inquiries you may have. 


Akashic Records Reading – $88 hourly 

What are the Akashic Records? 

The Akashic Records are a vibrational record of your soul’s journey through all time, space, and dimensions. 

What can I learn from an Akashic Records Reading? 

In an Akashic Records Reading I connect with your soul’s vibrational template in order for you to ask any questions you are curious about. I receive intuitive insights through Clairvoyance (vision/seeing), Clairsentience (feeling physically or emotionally), Clairaudience (hearing/listening), or Claircognizance (knowing) from the Akasha and your guides to help provide guidance. 

Questions or information you can receive in a reading: 

-Guidance around the next right steps in your life -Guidance about relationships
-Guidance about career 

-Guidance around health issues
-Guidance about life purpose
-Past lifetimes that are impacting your present life -Potential future timelines 


Card Reading – $44 for 30-minute reading 

During a card reading I use Oracle cards over traditional Tarot cards. 

What are Oracle cards? 

Oracle cards are a divination tool used to receive guidance about any of life’s questions. The reading is based on where your present energy is currently at. While I can see potential future possibilities the future is never set in stone due to our free will. Oracle card readings are beneficial in providing guidance or confirmation about anything in your life that you are curious about. 

Oracle decks differ from a traditional Tarot deck in that they do not have the set structure that a traditional Tarot deck follows. Most Tarot decks have 78 cards with 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. Oracle decks do not have a set number of cards, though most of them usually have 44 cards. Most Oracle decks have a set theme with a provided guidebook to help the reader with interpreting the cards based on the views of the author and illustrator. Since Oracle cards do not have the set structure and card meaning that a traditional Tarot deck has the reading is very reliant on the reader’s intuition. Oracle card readings are viewed as gentler than a traditional Tarot reading. 

What are some examples of questions I can ask? 

It is important to keep questions open-ended as an Oracle card reading does not provide a yes or no answer. A reading is meant to provide you with guidance for your highest and greatest good; it is not meant to determine major life decisions for you. 

It is important to keep the questions self-focused and present and future oriented. We cannot change the events that happened in the past but we have the power to make smart and informed choices moving forward in order to create the life we desire. Also, we cannot control another person nor is it healthy to even try. The only person we have control over is ourselves, so it is important to keep the reading focused on yourself to help you receive guidance about your own life and what you can do to move forward. 

Example Questions: 

What do I most need to know for my highest and greatest good? What do I need to focus on right now?
What message do my spirit guides/angels have for me?
What will help me feel more at peace? 

What’s my biggest obstacle right now?
Why am I feeling stuck in my (relationship, friendship, career, etc)? What’s the lesson for me in this situation/relationship/career?
What is going to help me heal right now?
What will help get me through this period of grief?
What baggage do I need to leave behind?
What does my subconscious want me to know?
How can I attract the right relationship?
What is my calling?
What gifts do I have to share with the world?
How can I find the motivation to reach my goals?
How can I open myself up more to receive abundance from the Universe? 

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