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Acupuncture for Diabetes


Acupuncture in Diabetes Treatment

During my twenties and thirties, the prime of life for most people I felt stressed, depressed and in a chronic state of “fight, flight or freeze.” I developed diabetes in 1996 at the age of 18 and asked myself “Where did this come from?” For two decades I found myself ashamed about the diagnosis. The quality of my life wasn’t good. I have what is known as Type 1 diabetes, or insulin dependent.

Being diagnosed with diabetes is an emotional experience that can arouse difficult feelings. Suddenly, you are hyper-aware that no life is without its limits. I turned to the standard medical model, which leaves little if any room for social, psychological or behavioral dimension of chronic illness. It is also not broad enough to account for and aid understanding of the types of human distress experienced by people with chronic conditions.

The doctors and endocrinologists who treated me, told me the worst, and I never expected to live anything like, a normal life again. Because of my chronically elevated blood sugar levels, and the inability to control them, over 20 years, the complications from my diabetes were silent and like many diabetics in similar circumstances I faced a very early death.

My Journey after the diagnosis led me into the world of complementary medicine, specifically Traditional Chinese Medicine. For the first time after the diagnosis an Acupuncture Physician sat me down and asked me the most important question of my life – one that would lead me to better health than I’d had for decades: “Were there any childhood traumas or stressors that might have contributed to the diabetes?”

Acupuncture and herbs in the treatment of diabetes helped me to overcome the feeling of being paralyzed by the past to achieve the healthy life I deserve. Over the years I had taken charge of the diabetes, and normalized my blood sugars! I learned the mechanics and mathematics of the disease, refined my diet regime, and no longer continually felt tired or feeling washed-out. I had the new sensation of being the boss of my body. I was no longer on the roller coaster. Things were finally under my control. I am deeply grateful for the combination of events that had turned my life. At the very least, I felt I had to share my success with others. I decided to become an Acupuncture Physician.

I can’t help but think of how my own story might have been different if the medical community had been trauma-aware. All disease depends on several factors. Post trauma is one of those factors. An a Acupuncture Physician when I work with patients I consider the whole patient – body and mind – and suggest behavioral health tools that will alleviate both the root causes and the symptoms of disease.

Diabetes is the cause close to my heart. Millions of diabetics are no doubt suffering needlessly, as I had and now I want to help others who are suffering because the standard medical profession is falling short of expectation and serious need.

A consultation could be the most important step to a real, physical and mental improvement in your life. For a better understanding, contact me via email or call 754.800.4826.

Health insurance carriers are now covering these treatments, check with us to see if your plan will participate. For those patients whose insurance doesn’t cover her treatments, TCM Wellness Project works with patients to make it affordable.

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