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Table Massage & Thai Massage


Thai yoga massage is a unique style of massage modality based on the principles of compassion in eastern medicine. Thai yoga massage is a mixture of many techniques such as leaning pressure, reflexology, energy meridians work, blood stopping, stretching, and yoga. It is an ancient technique and a genuine form of bodywork drawing upon an honorable tradition. Thai yoga massage originated in India and dates back to around 2,500 years ago.

Unlike Swedish or shiatsu massage techniques, in which the client passively lies on a bed, in Thai yoga massage the client lies on a mat on the floor. This arrangement allows the therapist to use his center over, behind or to the side of the client. By working together as one, the therapist and the client, Thai yoga massage process allows for the client to gain full relaxation of the body, increase range of motion, break down any energy blockages along the meridians and restore and boost the client’s energy. The Thais believe that illness occurs where there is a lack of energy flow, therefore good energy flow will prevent illness and sickness.

Thai yoga massage is a fully clothed modality. Both, the therapist and the client, should dress in light, loose, and comfortable clothes that allow ease of movement permitting stretching, flexibility, assisted yoga, and joint mobilization. Usually, Thai yoga massage starts with focusing on the feet and ending with the face and head. By starting with the feet, the client’s energy can be moved upward and in turn, help increase the circulation of blood flow and energy throughout the body and reduce stress levels. With increased blood circulation, more oxygen will flow to the brain which will help to decrease tension headaches. The slow movements allow for your mind and body to slow down, get centered, experience true relaxation and promote the body’s ability for self-healing.

Thai massage is based on the holistic point of view that any problem is not simply an illness of a particular part, but rather a disorder of the whole being. All the parts of the body are believed to have an organic relationship, which exists within an even greater whole nature. Because of this holistic approach, treatments are usually between an hour and a half to two hours long allowing for the entire body to be addressed.



60 MINUTES……..$120

90 MINUTES……..$180

120 MINUTES……..$240


Table massage may include different modalities to treat the body such as:

Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Stretching, Muscle Firing Pattern, Active Hip Adjustments, Moderate Lymph Drainage, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Heart Coherence. 



90 MINUTES……..$180 

120 MINUTES……..$240


Thai Yoga Massage may include different modalities such as:

Muscle Firing Pattern, Active Hip Adjustments, Moderate Lymph Drainage, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Heart Coherence.

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