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Shai Hasan

shai hasanShai grew up in a small town outside of Tel-Aviv, Israel. After he finished his army duty, he went on a self-exploring journey, which started in New York city.

The year was 2013, he was the main assistant at alibi NYC salon, part of his role was shampooing hair and the feedback was amazing. Clients were showering him with compliments over his hands’ touch and energy. He felt humbled and treasured with something he could not explain, so with the help of his friends and family, he found his passion for massage therapy and eastern healing modalities.

He started his journey learning traditional Thai massage, he got so fascinated with the bodywork and the long lasting results of muscle tension relief, openness sensation within the body, energy restoration and more.

After 7 years in New York, he moved to south Florida, fast-forward a couple of years, he became a licensed massage therapist.

Shai believes in “the power that makes the body, heal the body”. With that said, his aspiration is to help his clients to bring more awareness into their consciousness, increase their vibrations, connect with their higher selves, help them feel their own energy in more profound way, provide them with the right knowledge and tools to promote self-healing in the most natural and powerful way.

“The human body is such an incredible system that knows how to take care of itself as long we give it the right conditions, we do not need to relay on pharmaceutical drugs to remain healthy, mother earth provides us with all the medicine we need, trust your body to know how to break down those components and use it the right way to strengthening our immune system, fight invader pathogens and correct the unstable connections within us.”

Shai’s life goal is to make an impact over the medical system to a degree that people won’t need to pay thousands of dollars a year to health insurance companies and medical bills, to bring more awareness to natural healing, and together change the way the medical system works in order to live less stressful life with couple of more bucks in our pocket. To book your session with Shai please call 754-888-3337.

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