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Ear Candling

earcandlingThe healing method now called ear candling has been around for centuries. Ear Candling is considered an OLD HOME REMEDY. True, it is not cure-all, but in many cases, it has proven to be a successful and economic alternative. The process is still being handed down orally today in many centers of traditional medicine, and, with the recent increased interest in traditional medicine, has lately been gaining in general popularity, too.

What you can expect during and after the Ear Candling session
During the Ear Candling session, you will only feel the candle being carefully inserted in your ear. You may hear some cracking and popping when earwax is being loosened. Just relax and enjoy the face and neck massage done during the Ear candling session.

It doesn’t hurt and there is absolutely no discomfort. This is one of the most soothing therapies that can be performed. Some people become so relaxed that even fall asleep. This treatment is safe, painless and very effective.

The Ear Candling session lasts approximately one hour. It usually takes 10 to 15 minutes for each candle to burn down to approximately 3 ½-4 inches using two candles in each ear.

After the Ear Candling session, you may feel lightness in your head and noises may appear to be much louder to your ears. You may find your sinuses are draining or the drainage has increased. This will relive the pressure in your sinus areas and sinus headaches should decrease. The senses of taste, smell and sight may also be increased.

Ear Candling can be administered on the very young through the elderly, therefore any person of any age benefits from the treatment.

People who should not be candled includes those who have had recent ear, nose, throat, or sinus surgery of any kind, have tubes in their ears or experience any bleeding. Bleeding denotes serious ear problems such as a punctured eardrum and should always be referred to a Doctor.

Twice a year we all have our teeth cleaned to keep our mouths healthy. Why not keep our ears healthy with an Ear Candling session?

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