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Why Nefeli?
Established in 2002, Nefeli follows the philosophy of the Chinese sages and implements the secrets of thousands of years of Chinese medicinal wisdom and healing practices. The formulas are tailored specifically for modern day needs to bring its healing principles to today’s health conscious women and men. The products create wellness & beauty from the inside out by recovering your body’s natural internal balance for Beauty, Health and Rejuvenation.

Nefeli’s Skin Care
Loaded with anti-oxidants, amino acids and vitamins the Nefeli collection is blended with carefully selected Chinese herbal that bring a healthy balance to restore your complexion to its natural radiance. These herbals empower your skin to fight the harsh environment elements that damage your complexion.

Nefeli’s Well Being Supplements
Uniquely formulated to meet your specific concerns about aging, health and beauty. Nefeli’s herbal compositions deliver the delicate conditioning necessary to enable the body and mind to rapidly recover balance to fortify the body’s inborn healing power for a radiant health and renewed luster and brilliance to skin once again.

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