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Michelle Camilleri

While living in NYC pursuing a successful fashion career that spanned over 2 decades, Michelle began searching for deeper meaning in her life. She started exploring alternative and holistic practices to bring balance to her fast-paced city lifestyle. Michelle soon found The NY Open Center in NYC and began to study various healing modalities.

Her healing journey led her on a retreat in the rainforest of Puerto Rico where she had her first reflexology session and knew instantly that she wanted to share this amazing practice with others. Soon after returning to NY, she enrolled in the reflexology certification program in the nineties at The NY Open Center and has been practicing ever since. “As a reflexologist, I have great respect for the ancient roots of this modality and truly enjoy sharing this practice with others.”

Reflexology is a holistic energy-based modality, working through the energies of the nervous, electrical, and magnetic systems of the body. Pressure is applied to the feet to activate the reflex points that corresponds to the entire body system.  This technique aims to release blocked energy pathways that aims to restore balance in the body.

After connecting with reflexology, she soon discovered Upledger Institute and started to tap into the world of Craniosacral Therapy. Given her fascination with CST she continues to deepen her connection with this modality through continued education through the Upledger Institute.

Craniosacral Therapy is a light touch approach. It works with the central nervous system to release tension deep in the body on a physical and emotional level. Freeing the nervous system allows the entire body to relax and self-correct.

“Know that all healing forces are within, not without! The applications from without are merely to create within a coordinating mental and spiritual force.” -Edgar Cayce

Reflexology $80.00 hour

Craniosacral Therapy $90.00 hour

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